Window Installation

Style and Function

There are basically 2 types of window installation that we do: New Construction & Replacement Windows.

  • New Construction window is when you are installing a window unit with an entire new window jamb (Frame). This is used in new construction where you are creating a new window opening. It is also used when the homeowner wants to remove the existing window sashes, window frame and mouldings complete and start new.
  • New Construction windows, when installing as a replacement of an existing window, will require more work on the inside & outside of the home, along with additional cost in materials.
  • A New Construction window, however, can be a more cost-effective install method when there is no existing window and you are creating a new window opening.
  • Replacement window units can be a very simple cost-effective method of installation.
  • A Replacement window install typically requires removing the window sashes only and setting the new replacement wind into the existing Jamb (Frame).
  • The replacement window is custom fitted into the existing jamb. Once set in foam, is applied where the replacement window meets the jamb.
  • With a replacement window install you have the option of leaving the existing interior stop mouldings or replacing with new.
  • The exterior existing window jamb with typically get capped over with a PVC coated aluminum trim. This will protect the existing exterior wood frame and give a complete finished look to the new window install.
  • Whether you choose to install New Construction or Replacement windows, if installed properly the insulation R-Value should be fairly the same for both methods.


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