Roofing Installation

Superior Form and Function

A whole system approach

In addition to the Roofing shingles, there are other components which also affect the performance of your roof. These components are bundled together as a roof system and consist of:

  • Starter strip products: the first row of specially sized shingles, applied at the eaves, needed to help prevent shingle blow-offs.
  • Hip and ridge products: shingles designed specifically to cap the hips and ridges on a roof.
  • Ventilation: proper ventilation (consisting of balanced intake and exhaust) helps extend the service life of an asphalt shingle roof by reducing the attic temperature (ventilation exhausts warm air) and removing condensation in your attic space. Using proper ventilation and meeting Department of Energy recommendations for attic insulation can help reduce ice dam build ups.
  • Underlayment: sheets of water-resistant material that provide a secondary protection from water intrusion. Underlayment is installed between the roof deck and the shingles. Many underlayments are slip resistant to provide safer working conditions for roofers.
  • Ice and water barriers: self-adhered underlayment that helps prevent leaks from wind-driven rain and ice dams in vulnerable areas, such as eaves, valleys and flashings.
  • Drip Edge Preform a very important function. They collect water from the roof and allow it to run off via the edging rather than down the facia or siding of the house. Also diverting the water into the gutter bed instead of behind for proper drainage.


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